Ride into summer in Niseko

Spring is creeping over Niseko and while there is plenty of snow on the ground now it IS time to start planning for your summer holiday! If riding your bike is your thing then there is a great range of events on each year in Niseko around which you could plan a cycling holiday.

Nature Ride Niseko kicks things off with a fairly relaxed event, all the better to get to know the locals by! With two distances, 50km and 110, its accessible to everyone and includes two of our favourite local attractions, Mt Yotei and Lake Toya. held on July 5th you can register here.

Nature Ride Niseko – 110km from Glen Claydon on Vimeo.

Coming up next is the Niseko Classic. Registrations are open now for this event held on the weekend of July 12-13th in 2015. There are two different lengths and races for men and women. The course does a loop through some of Niseko’s best cycling country which coincidentally, happens to encircle Tanuki Lodge so even if you can’t attend the event it provides a great route with which to kick off your cycling holiday at some other time.

The Hanazono Hill Climb is up on August 2nd and again, with plenty of grades for all sorts of riders, takes advantage of Niseko’s Mt Annupuri to provide a spectacular route.

The Tour de Hokkaido is in its twenty-sixth year and takes place September 11-13th. Not an event most of us can get a place in but sure to provide some spectacular viewing and inspiration for your own riding!

Wrapping up the season is the Lake Toya Gran Fondo with two days of events, again for all sorts of riders across the weekend of September 26-27th September.

Tanuki Lodge is ideally placed for all these events and as you’ll discover, many of them provide inspiration for riding routes even if you’re here at a different time of year. We’ve got a dedicated indoors bike storage area and workshop so there’s plenty of room to set up your bike and  keep it ticking along happily during your stay. Get in touch if you’d like to book your summer holiday!

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