There are plenty of taxis in Niseko and some people use them to move between resorts in winter instead of waiting for the excellent free shuttle bus service.

If you arrive at Niseko or Hirafu by bus or train it may be possible to catch a taxi to Tanuki Lodge. (Taxi’s don’t usually wait at Hirafu Station and it is not in the town) This would be handy if you are meeting friends there, already have a car waiting there or want to take the taxi to the office of your rental car company. You would need a phone working in Japan and to be fluent in Japanese to actually call a taxi.

Unless you are fluent in Japanese it will be next to impossible to get a taxi to come and pick you up from Tanuki Lodge. As Tanuki Lodge is nestled in the forest away from the busy towns there will be no taxis that just happen to be passing.

If you are planning to catch a taxi make sure you have your destination written in Japanese for the driver.

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